The High and the Low of Machu Picchu


A Travel Log by Sandra Lawson

Open to the public: Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 6:30 – 8:15 PM Beverly Public Library, Sohier Room

Join us for an exciting presentation by our very own Sandra Lawson.  She will enlighten us about the many wonders of her recent travels to Machu Picchu.

Lima, Peru sits between 505-1,312’ above sea level.  We began our journey here to help acclimate our bodies to higher altitudes in the days to come.  Lima was the center of the Incan culture long before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in 1534.  Today, the Urubamba Valley continues to reveal Incan history and culture through woven fabrics, spices and food raised, sacred artifacts and places, and traditions.  Chinero weavers demonstrated their intricately woven, brightly colored, traditional patterns used in all items made of fabric.  Community markets highlighted cultural spices, foods, clothing and recipes.  A local Mezito (medicine man) spoke of the plants and herbs raised for healing rituals and bestowed a blessing upon us for good health.  The trails that led from the valley floor to the mountain top are mostly paved, of stone, and framed by the ancient village walls along which trails passed.  The mountain above Lima that swaths the “Lost City of the Incans” concealed Machu Picchu from below.  From the top of the world, however, the ancient city emerged from within the clouds, breaking forth like a sun lite resurrection.