Invasive Spotted Lantern Fly Alert

Please be on the lookout for the invasive Spotted Lantern Fly.  It is the newest scourge to arrive from Asia, and was spotted as close as Norwood, MA in September 2020.  It is believed to have come from China aboard an infested load of patio furniture delivered to PA in 2014.

It’s favorite host plant in China is “Tree of Heaven” aka Ailanthus altissima, which is on the Invasive Plant List.  Here in the northeast, it favors attacking our sugar maples, grapevines, fruit trees, hops, and more.  Infestations will shower down “honeydew” sugar poop that forms a reeking sooty mold stinking like vinegar and molasses.  Billions of dollars in crops have been lost in the US and the scourge is spreading.  

If you see a Spotted Lantern Fly, please notify the MA Dept. of Agriculture, 617-292-5000.

Below is a picture to help you identify the Spotted Lantern Fly.

Spotted Lantern Fly