Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage home gardening, to provide mutual help and inspiration, and to encourage an active interest in all outdoor life and community involvement.

The Friendly Garden Club shall not permit in their conduct of club affairs, any restriction or limitation whatsoever based upon race, color, creed, gender, national origin, disability, or employment status.

The Friendly Garden Club is a section 501(C)3 organization

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A Message From Our Co-Leaders

Once again, as our summer blooms fade, autumn’s glory takes its place in our seasons and the 84th year as The Friendly Garden Club comes to life.
Something new this year, Co-Leaders. I’m forever grateful to Diane and Kris for working side by side with me on this journey. An adventure, one that we encourage you to be a part of. Be involved! Work with us while, together we bring beauty to our wonderful community through our civic projects.

Get reacquainted with members, engage with new people, learn new skills, be creative, experience a job well done and the rewards of that work. Most of all have fun! Silte, Co-Leader 2019-2021

The future looks bright for The Friendly Garden Club. We hope you will enjoy the programs and activities scheduled for this new year. Looking forward, we want to strengthen and expand our gardening ties and friendships, enjoy our civic duties, always keep learning, doing, giving and, most of all, have fun along the way. Kris Co-Leader 2019-2021